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25 Things WWE Could Have Done Differently at RAW 25

I dedicate this to all fans expressing disappointment with RAW 25 and with WWE in general. MOST ESPECIALLY, I dedicate this to anyone who bought tickets to the Manhattan Center and is not a clown who lucked into dating Noelle, or a Brock Lesnar guy. Not depressed Undertaker guy, (more affectionately known as Autistic Undertaker and his surrogate mom) who were probably at RAW somewhere, standing and clapping when told.

The fans who spent multiple work checks to watch RAW at the Manhattan Center. This is for you. You went for the same reasons I would have. Not for this.



I was very excited for RAW 25. Two weeks before RAW 25, I decided setting aside $800 for it was not a fun idea. The excitement could have equated to the best RAW we have ever seen. All of these returns at the same time with weeks to prepare allowed for COUNTLESS possibilities. “WWE can’t possibly screw this up again, can they?” They sure did.

Best entrance music of any return on the show? WWE says, “Let’s cut to commercial three seconds into it”.
Let’s not have any pointless matches? WWE says, “Let’s have Heath Slater and Rhyno fight Titus and Apollo Crews.”
Let’s show how much women can do? WWE says, “Let’s have all the women stand at the ramp and wave.

They could have had a Bret and Shawn segment. They could have had an Undertaker and Mankind segment. @TheEmilJay, proposed a Boogeyman and Scotty 2 Hotty segment, (considering mutual affinity for worms.)

So here it is. Using wrestlers and personalities present for RAW25,

25 Things That Should’ve Fuckin’ Happened at #RAW25

  1. Goldust comes out w/ Terri Runnels (Marlena)
  2. Goldust w/ Marlena interrupts the Undertaker in the Manhattan Center mid-speech, re-creating the epic face-to-face. Goldust gets tombstoned.
  3. Another option, Goldust sits down on commentary next to Booker T at Barclays and they shoot the shit.
  4. Another option, a Terri segment. Terri wants a special night and talks to Dana Brooke all dressed as Alexandra York. Terri lets Dana know about it. Brooke intimidates her, says she’s proud of her job, and whatever she did is in the past. That’s when Marlena finds Goldust, and I KNOW you could set up a stupid Apollo or Titus match with Goldust after that.
  5. Terri and Jacqueline interrupt that segment with the Godfather and Mark Henry when Godfather walks away with his wife. Terri and Jacqueline enter the picture off their exit saying they remember Sexual Chocolate well. But they fight over him. Terri leaves to go find someone else.
  6. Mark Henry w/ Jacqueline vs Goldust w/Marlena (sexual chocolate entrance and cigars entrance, Manhattan Center, obviously)
  7. Trish and Mickie at least look at each other. Ideally have a match, or Trish guest refs a Mickie match.
  8. Brother Love hosts a Newlywed Game with (options) Maria/Mike vs. Miz/Maryse vs. Bryan/Brie vs. Nikki/John vs. Undertaker/McCool vs HHH/Steph
  9. Road Dogg could have said “Your ass better call somebody”
  10. Lillian Garcia could have sang something
  11. Bryan/Regal/Slaughter all former commissioners claim they’re a better commissioner just for it to descend into chaos and be ended by the Boogeyman scaring them or some shit.
  12. Lake of Reincarnation pre-tapes could have brought back an old gimmick of anyone on the show
  13. A new segment of GTV could have been done.
  14. Undertaker could have come face to face with literally anyone on the show and it would have made sense. Especially Kane.
  15. Undertaker could have came in on a motorcycle
  16. Undertaker could have worn old attire
  17. X-Pac could have given someone a bronco buster
  18. Razor could have gave us a razor’s edge. (maybe)
  19. Christian had no 5 second pose. No flash photography. No Brood reference.
  20. Austin could have assumed a role that would continue throughout the show
  21. Austin could have arrived in a vehicle
  22. The New Day could have introduced the returning divas to Booty’O’s and pancakes
  23. Bischoff and Razor could have had a segment shooting about NWO and how this new group, The Club does the Too Sweet thing. This gets interrupted by the Club, who says it’s theirs, because of what it means to them.  This later puts Razor at a crossroads during that post-match Club segment with DX, and he eventually decides to join in with the Too Sweet thing, thus passing the whole “hand/wolf symbol/too sweet” torch.
    24. Torrie could have brand out Chloe and prompted King to exclaim “Puppies”
    25. Most importantly, all returns could have came out to their Attitude Era themes.

There’s more. But this article called for 25. Follow me on Twitter.


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