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How To Progress WWE In The PG Era

One of the last times a wrestling arena shook
One of the last times a wrestling arena shook

If WWE wants a product that the general population doesn’t shut off within five minutes, here’s what they need to start embracing:





Good creative.

Storylines and feuds that make you wanna see more (creates suspense, fear, intrigue)

Signature quirks in the ring (taunts, interesting moves, sitting up out of nowhere, Ambrose’s recovery, Cesaro’s big swing)

Matches with something on the line (a belt, a significant item on a pole [it works])

Technical wrestling skills and microphone skills (can only go so far without a story)

A signature chant

A creative entrance




Put the best technical wrestler in the world against the most creative and captivating performer in the world, and the majority of people will want to watch the latter. Putting this guy against this guy isn’t going to revive the form of entertainment we all love. It’s way deeper than that and it doesn’t require disobeying the PG rating. The argument that it’s PG and they can’t be entertaining is the biggest cop-out argument, so if you’re saying it, stop. And if you’re suggesting that something that I have not listed will work, you can likely also re-evaluate. This is 17 years of studying psychology of a wrestling fan-base more than it has being a fan of the characters.

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WWF/WWE Classic Era/Attitude Era-Present Era Explanation teaser

Indies… WWE.. You could present whatever amazing in-ring match you want.  Whether it’s on WWE, NXT, New Japan, Lucha Underground, Dragon Gate, Evolve, CZW, or something else.  If there’s no story, it’s only going to be a match.

Rock and Jock Wrestling
Rock and Jock Wrestling


When Hogan body-slammed Andre, it was an uncontested feat of strength.

When Jake the Snake goaded Ultimate Warrior into a room of snakes where the Undertaker stood, it was a meeting of three of the most over WWF gimmicks that ever occurred.

When Shawn Michaels unexpectedly whacked Marty Jannetty in a segment, you felt the heat.

When Shawn and Hunter got together, and rebelled against those in power; Commisioner Slaughter, the stooges, and Vince.. we all knew.. this wasn’t just an angle.. It was something bigger.  The successful platform of wrestling that we have abandoned.

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