100 Things WWE Is Doing Wrong. Yes, 100.

102. 102 things.

I’m going to update this as I think of them. (Updated 11/17)

101. Scott Steiner is talking shit to Goldberg on Twitter and Vince won’t book it.

102. Matt Hardy isn’t getting one-tenth of Vince’s fortune to come back to WWE.

This took about an hour and a half to put together. We did it. Thank you to several members of PG Kills WWE for throwing some suggestions out there. I couldn’t have put this together without you. Share this. Let the world understand how bad WWE is right now, and let’s change it.

  1. Political correctness
  2. Forced agendas
  3. Overproducing
  4. Too many writers and creative hands in the same box
  5. No favorable sense of direction
  6. Disregard for crowd reaction
  7. Editing of crowd reaction
  8. No slow builds
  9. Lack of characters
  10. Lack of animosity within the roster
  11. Under-utilization of backstage segments
  12. 5% of the roster can believably promo themselves
  13. No hardcore championship, or even a 24/7 title
  14. Commercial breaks at inconvenient times
  15. No compelling underlying story which is re-visited throughout the show
  16. Wasting segments with throwaway matches
  17. Irrelevant product placement in SEGMENTS
  18. 99% of what commentary says
  19. Skipping good entrances during commercial break
  20. Opening the show with nobody who people want to see
  21. No other wrestling programming to compete with
  22. TV-PG rating
  23. Not enough title belts
  24. Not enough title defenses
  25. Under-utilizing the capabilities of talent
  26. Not letting talent be themselves
  27. Very little cursing
  28. Little to no/blood
  29. No relevant segments outside of the arena
  30. Three hours is too long
  31. Repeatedly pushing the same people fans don’t react to
  32. Very little purpose to Smackdown
  33. Very little high flying action
  34. No hook at the end of each segment
  35. No suspense built throughout the show
  36. Ref plays zero part in matches
  37. Sexuality of the Divas is not embraced
  38. Not enough chaos surrounding each belt
  39. Dirt sheets/online leaks
  40. Over-exposure of the same stale gimmick
  41. Unfinished storylines
  42. Change the set design for different pay-per-views
  43. Vince is old and out of touch
  44. HHH holds grudges for decades
  45. Stephanie/HHH are back and forth heels/faces
  46. Lack of located/precise damage in matches
  47. No surprises
  48. Weak looking champions
  49. No logical foresight in victories/losses
  50. Injuries
  51. Every match ending in pin-fall or a predictable DQ
  52. Underselling
  53. Overselling
  54. Matches consisting of solely whips, chops, headlocks, and comebacks
  55. Lack of general and well-placed microphone time
  56. Not calling the moves in the ring
  57. Not using edgy rock songs as PPV themes
  58. Under-utilization of Twitter to develop stories
  59. Under-utilization of the WWE Network to develop stories
  60. One division of all heavyweights that have one of three titles based on nothing
  61. Matches too long/short
  62. Booking the wrong talent together in packages
  63. No roster cohesion
  64. No continuity throughout the show
  65. Systematic camera direction and production throughout the show
  66. Confiscation of crowd signs
  67. Putting a title on someone with little direction for them
  68. Putting the title on someone who isn’t over yet
  69. Lack of managers
  70. Lack of stables
  71. Lack of stable rivalry
  72. Little thought towards entrance music
  73. Wrestlers who are simply wrestlers with little character
  74. No King of the Ring PPV
  75. No Survivor Series tournament
  76. Lack of build towards PPV concepts
  77. Overenthusiasm for underwhelming things
  78. Zero development with the mid-card
  79. Time being given to the wrong things
  80. Interesting talent having one segment and disappearing from the show
  81. Predictability
  82. Associating with the wrong sponsors
  83. Fear of pushing the envelope
  84. No weekly vignettes
  85. No cryptic videos
  86. No video packages with substance
  87. Not enough comedy
  88. Not enough character interaction
  89. Not enough storytelling by commentary
  90. The misuse of many different roster members
  91. Not listening for, giving place to, or decoding who the smart fans are
  92. Not caring about creating intrigue
  93. Very few catch-phrases
  94. Not enough signature taunts
  95. Not enough rare moves in the ring
  96. Nothing on the line for matches
  97. Improper use of the MITB briefcase
  98. No perceived element of violence
  99. Not enough fear/shock
  100. Not enough manipulation by those most powerful

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