WWF/WWE Classic Era/Attitude Era-Present Era Explanation teaser

Indies… WWE.. You could present whatever amazing in-ring match you want.  Whether it’s on WWE, NXT, New Japan, Lucha Underground, Dragon Gate, Evolve, CZW, or something else.  If there’s no story, it’s only going to be a match.

Rock and Jock Wrestling
Rock and Jock Wrestling


When Hogan body-slammed Andre, it was an uncontested feat of strength.

When Jake the Snake goaded Ultimate Warrior into a room of snakes where the Undertaker stood, it was a meeting of three of the most over WWF gimmicks that ever occurred.

When Shawn Michaels unexpectedly whacked Marty Jannetty in a segment, you felt the heat.

When Shawn and Hunter got together, and rebelled against those in power; Commisioner Slaughter, the stooges, and Vince.. we all knew.. this wasn’t just an angle.. It was something bigger.  The successful platform of wrestling that we have abandoned.

I’m not gonna go further until this is re-tweeted at least once.. I got a lot to say.


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