The Rockland Music Scene

In 5th-6th grade, my friends, (at the time) started a band called Anything Definite and introduced the drive to create music and play shows into the minds of my middle school. When this happened, my musical taste started to take form. My first show I ever attended locally was at The Backdoor in Nyack, which is now the Nyack Village Theater. I remember two other bands from the show; Delirious and Three Monkeys named Bob. My next show was at the venue on Broadway which became the new Backdoor. This venue featured the Daly’s Gone Wrong, which became the first band I could ever deal with who utilized screaming. After I heard Southcott at Indigo Paradise, I learned that there was room for me, if I wanted to, to create the sound I wanted to, and people would come out for it. I picked up a guitar and started playing Blink 182 and Sum 41 songs. I wanted to get more involved with the scene, and I asked a friend of a cousin one day, who is the talk of the town right now. He told me it was a band named Shabutie, and they just got signed. A dream began.

I’m 23 now, and a little bit rusty, but my mind for creating music is still sharp. Through my musical travels, (playing in a band and attending shows) I have met numerous talented musicians, who scatter amongst themselves for a variety of reasons. If we maintain a collaborative attitude, and come together as a group of talented musicians who want to make palatable songs, the scene can be saved. Here are some names of musicians that I have met, that with the right band members, can come together a complete package and create an excellent sound with their talent and passion.


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