20+ Reactions to the First Round Picks of the 2013 NBA Draft

This could be the best basketball post on the internet when its done.

1. Cavaliers’ Draft Party Reaction at Quicken Loans Arena to the 1st Pick, Anthony Bennett

2. Orlando Magic Draft Party Reaction to 2nd Pick, Victor Oladipo at DisneyWorld

3. Skip Bayless’ Reaction to 3rd Pick, Otto Porter

Totally disagree, by the way. Everyone saw the pick coming with good reason.

4. Charlotte Bobcats Draft Party Reaction to 4th Pick, Cody Zeller, in the lobby of Time Warner Cable Arena. This was the inspiration behind this post. This video went viral.

5. A Phoenix Suns’ fan’s reaction to 5th Pick, Alex Len, at his house.  Hate to say it, because he sounds like an idiot, but I share his sentiments.

6. A Pelicans’ fan reaction to 6th Pick to Nerlens Noel, who, thankfully for him, got traded away. Stern comes to the stage at 2:40.

And here’s a tweet from Marc Stein about how Jrue felt about getting traded, since there was no LIVE reaction to the trade, which I put a lot of blame on the producer for

7.  I really hate when they try to make every video dramatic with this song, but that’s what the Kings did.  Here’s Sleep Train Arena’s reaction to getting Ben McLemore at #7

And here’s a video of the Kings’ draft room reacting to Nerlens coming off at 6 so that they can get McLemore.

8.  Since there’s no video of a live KCP reaction, and there should be, because they somehow didn’t take hometown superstar Trey Burke, here’s a question posed to owner of the Pistons, Tom Gores, about not taking Burke.

Q: About draft night, tell me your reaction to seeing the fans boo the selection of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and was there any desire to weigh in to have the team select (Michigan point guard) Trey Burke?

A: I was actually in the draft room, but I did hear about it and I understand. I think Trey is a great player and he did so much for the University of Michigan. I totally understand, but we took the philosophy of being in this draft what we needed as a team and we did take a bit of a win-now attitude. Our philosophy going in was we really wanted to have someone kind of slip right in to the team and help us win now. We felt that Kentavious could help us do that. Having said that, obviously Trey Burke is a great player. He’s going to do great. It wouldn’t be good for either one of us to just make the move for popularity just to get a good hooray from the fans.


9.  K. Pump up the volume for this one.  It’s hard to hear Broussard. And go to 1:26. This is the Jazz draft party at EnergySolutions Arena, reacting to the trade for Trey Burke.

10.  One of the more insightful reactions, since I found no fan reaction, here’s Greg Anthony on CJ McCollum, the Blazers 10th pick.

11. Here’s 6 Twitter reactions to the drafting of Michael Carter-Williams at 11.

12.  Here’s how to pronounce New Zealander and new Thunderer Steven Adams (don’t waste your time)

13.  Celtics GM Danny Ainge talking about the 13th pick that the Mavericks made and they traded for, Kelly Olynyk

14. This is pretty cool.  Here’s Shabazz Muhammad on a conference call after he got traded to the Wolves talking about if he’s talked to Kevin Love, who also went to UCLA and will play on the Wolves this year with Shabazz.

15.  Some guy named Jeremy Schmidt’s in-depth reaction to the Bucks’ drafting of…. Giannis Antetokounmpo

16.  This pick, Lucas Nogueira, was drafted by the Celtics and went to the Hawks.  Here’s the highlight of his draft day.

17.  If you speak German, this video is great.  Atlanta takes Dennis Schroeder at 17.  With the funny thing on the o.  (Yeah I know, it’s an umlaut. Leave me alone)

And this is for some analysis in English:

18.  The Mavericks traded down for the rights to Shane Larkin, who the Hawks drafted for them.  Rick Carlisle talks about it (mildly boring).. so eff that.. I’m not even posting it.. check the kid’s vert:

19.  Here’s some goob talking to the 19th pick, Sergey Karasev, as he tries to speak English

20.  Nobody really has a heavy reaction to Tony Snell getting drafted, but he’s good, see, look:

21.  Here’s Jazz tradee, Timberwolf Gorgui Dieng, telling you the meaning of life.

24.  I’ll end it on this, because I know it’s good.  I haven’t even researched this video-wise because  I personally have a live reaction to this pick on Vine.  Here’s my live reaction to the Knicks taking Tim Hardaway, Jr.

@EminemAndMnMs Tim Hardaway Jr. Reaction.

Spike reacting to the pick
Spike reacting to the pick

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