My Rant About Recording Studios

I posted this on Facebook, and I re-read it multiple times, and I felt it was so strong that I want to post it on my blog.  It’s not exactly basketball related, but I can make it basketball related if you want. Basketball shoes make sounds when they squeak on the floor and so does dribbling and these sound effects are in songs.  Basketball is the most musical sport there is, in itself.  Now this.

Attention, people with recording studios: I have at least six complete, catchy, not screamo, intelligible, standard and D-tuned, unreleased songs written. I would like to meet with you and talk about these songs. Such as a movie distributor would talk to a writer about his script. I have yet to find someone with a studio who simply would do this. It seems like all you want to do is record and get paid. You’re depriving yourselves of content and undermining everyone around you.With a little common sense, more goods (songs) can be produced.

With cheaper recording prices, more people can make songs, and that gives you more content to work with, if you’re smart enough to collect iTunes royalties from them once you get them up there, (which is fairly easy to do after mastering). In turn, this increased quantity of content creates a better chance of getting a song created that is catchy enough to generate additional profit through shows as well as on-the-street EP sales.

You, myself and the rest of the world should know what these songs sound like complete and mastered. Our community is better when the people in it have created content for the rest of it to enjoy. You guys who really know how to record music need to start being the facilitators and taking on creative minds. Always have an open door that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to go through. Help shit exist. Facilitate.


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